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Lemon Haze

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Lemon Haze is a very popular sativa-dominant strain that derives both its potency and its powerful aroma from two prestigious parents, Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. With a memorable citrus flavor profile and a long-lasting, well-balanced high, this bud is an asset to indica and sativa fans alike. Amber trichomes cover these buds, giving them a slightly yellow glow and accounting for their high psycho-activity. Lemon Haze carries a strong citrus aroma with a refreshingly herbal taste on the exhale. Lemon Haze is said to offer a creeping high that may require several minutes before fully revealing its effects. When fully activated, smokers will notice a sudden improvement in mood, as any stressors take a backseat to this bud’s positive mindset. An increase in cerebral activity may lead to stimulating conversation; this strain may also inspire creativity for those who are so inclined. In addition to these emotionally uplifting effects, Lemon Haze tends to provide the motivation needed to get up and plow through tasks like cleaning the house or running errands. A strong body stone eventually emerges and becomes more pronounced as the high wears on. This combination of mental and physical effects can be a great way to appreciate activities that involve both body and mind, like exercise and, notably, sex. Because of its energetic onset, this strain is best enjoyed for waking-and-baking or as an afternoon treat; if consumed at night, it’s likely to leave users wired and hyper. Its positive mental effects can temporarily distract from the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. The strain’s early sense of focus can also help those with attention deficit disorders to sustain concentration on single tasks. Physically speaking, this bud can help relieve pain, whether it’s temporary or chronic and nerve-related.